Early Years at Wesley Hall

pre school care

We provide a comprehensive range of early years services for families living in our locality.

We are committed to family-centred provision and to the needs presented by them at all stages of a child’s early development.

Ante natal

Midwives are available for pregnant women to attend pre-birth sessions so that they are more informed and understanding of the birth experience.  Mothers-to-be will come together with others who live nearby, so friendships can be made and experiences exchanged.

Pregnant women are welcome to attend ante natal sessions on Thursday mornings at 9.30am.  No booking is necessary – just come along to reception.

New Mothers

Following the birth it is always reassuring to share the news and gather more information. It is an important time for mum and baby.The Wesley Hall MAMMAS offer support and breast feeding encouragement along with interesting topics such as baby massage and  sleep issues.  These sessions also run on Thursday mornings, come along with baby to join a friendly group ready to involve you and take-away any of those baby-blues.

Baby Massage

Led by our trained Infant Massage Instructor Fatima Kassam,
Call Fatima 07517 070081 to book your place
for more details or to reserve a place

Mother and Toddler

We hold a busy and welcoming, action-packed session with you and your toddler in mind on Wednesday mornings.  We have many child-friendly resources ready for you to play with your child and to take home any of the products you have both made for the fridge door.  We believe the best exposure for a young child is to be with other young children (and their mothers) responding to them and to be part of a wider community of caring individuals.  Mums come from the neighbourhood and so meet other mothers they may only have passed in the street.  There’s a great buzz and much effort is put into everyone making friends and sharing their kindness and interest in each other.  Make sure we have space available before attending for the first time.

All our Early Years services are geared for you and your child to feel comfortable and included.  We care about children at Wesley Hall and we will do everything we can for them to feel and know that.